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Hi I am Veronica Mulenga and I am a climate and Environmental Activist from Zambia, Africa. I am the founder of Earth Warrior, a social media platform that creates awareness about the Climate Crisis. Through this platform I am able to reach audiences around the world and educate them about the Climate Crisis.

I started activism when I learned about Climate Change a few years ago. I was surprised at how little people knew about the Climate Crisis and yet it is literally the greatest problem facing humanity today so I decided to do something about it. Zambia has been experiencing the effects of Climate Change resulting in extreme weather events such as, droughts, rising temperatures and occasional dry spells. From rising sea levels, to glacier melting, from bleaching of coral reefs, to cyclones and droughts becoming more frequent. The ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland are melting at unprecedented levels. Climate Change is not coming, it is already HERE!

Leaders are not doing enough about the Climate Crisis. There are so many things that people in power could do to help reverse the damages we are doing to our planet before we reach the tipping point. When it comes to Climate Change, time is not on our side. I urge all the leaders to consider our planet in the decisions they make, we are running out of time. We are in a Climate Emergency and there is absolutely no time to waste.

If I were in a leadership position, I would transition the world to a green economy, all our energy would come from renewable, all our transportation would be sustainable and I would encourage people to have a more plant based diet. I would also organize events in which people can plant trees as much as they can. To get more people involved in the fight for Climate Justice. I would educate as many people as I can about the Climate Crisis by organizing informational events.

I urge the young people out there to keep fighting for our planet. And to raise their voices for Climate Justice because without Climate Justice, there is no future.

Thank you so much for listening to my story.


INSTAGRAM @earth_warrior

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