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My name is Joshua Omonuk and I am a climate activist from Uganda and also a Professional Statistician. I believe in equality and integrity. My sole purpose in life is to have a tangible contribution to the planet and to encourage more youths to have a heart for nature.

I realized that climate change affects all of us and many African countries may not be able to adapt to some of the effects of this crisis. The most vulnerable and the most affected are the poor who fully depend on agriculture. Climate change greatly threatens many farmers because of the changing global temperatures. In 2018 we had a very long dry spell, every morning we would wake up to scan the sky for rain. In the last 20 years we have experienced seven droughts with regular incidents of extreme temperatures. These always worsen the food insecurity. Crops face a challenge of being destroyed by heavy dry spells and heavy flooding. Starvation of children may worsen as we see more street children leave their homes in search for something to eat, drink and a place to stay. "Agriculture is the backbone of our economy", we were told right from childhood. If conservation efforts are not accelerated the bone may break. This worries me.

I raise awareness about climate change, climate action and conservation on social media to reach as many people as possible. I believe that if this message reaches the people then we shall fight this together. When we fight together, we pressure our leaders to make policies that will ensure the protection of our planet. Our leaders are not doing enough. We need to also see more citizens taking up the responsibility of planting trees. Climate change is a priority issue for me and it should be for everyone. We need to raise more awareness about what is happening because most people are not informed about climate change. It is hard for them to fight for climate justice because they don't know.

I ask all young people not to fear, let us speak up for Nature. We are simply fighting for our home, our children and our future. We have no Planet B. Climate change is not fiction. Building a green world must become our culture.

TWITTER: @Joshomonukk

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