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I am Dixon Bahandagira from Uganda. I am 21 years old. I am an Economist, Chinese translator and a climate activist. I was silent but not blind. Vanessa Nakate inspired me to add my voice to the climate movement. I am tired of the injustices that are happening to our environment. Most people are silent and we clearly see that only the brave that truly wish well for this Earth are the ones speaking.

I worry most about what is to come in nine or twenty years. Lakes and rivers have started to react with increasing water levels. We are experiencing climate disasters, water and air pollution in our communities. My generation and the coming generations will suffer devastating impacts of climate change. We have to unite. In my country, people living near water bodies are suffering, for example, recently in Kasese, River Nyamwamba burst its banks and over 10 people died, some communities are experiencing drought and this affects crop production hence causing food scarcity in many families.

Sometimes I feel like I am not doing enough, but I keep on moving. I have tried to create awareness about the reality of climate change through educating people on all my social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have carried out online strikes and talked about the climate injustices with my workmates and classmates while trying to convince them to join the climate movement because everyone is needed.

If I was in a leadership position on earth and actually I hope to become one since our leaders have failed to take action, I would enforce strict laws to protect our environment, carry out massive mobilization to fight and defend our earth. I would also put in place sensitization programs to create awareness among the people. The more people know about the

climate crisis, the more they will work together to create awareness. Leaders are not doing enough. They must be exemplary. I have tried to reach out to several leaders but they fail to respond since they think fighting for climate action does not make them popular among the mass. They should use their power, influence and resources to save the Earth. Leaders need to know that climate disasters will cause more harm to the people.

If you don't come out and fight for the planet, there is no future for you, we need to come together as one and fight for our future. Together we can.

@BahandagiraD twitter

@Dairuike Instagram

Dixon Bahandagira on facebook

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